Shockmaster® Sliding Comb Conversion

Maximum Recoil Reduction
Fast, Simple & Precise
Comb Adjustment

Click here to see our latest installationsNow the patented G-Squared Shockmaster recoil reduction system can be installed in most shotgun buttstocks in a sliding / split - comb configuration featuring:

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Optimum Recoil Reduction

Utilizing a patented air shock absorber, the Shockmaster system is designed to work effectively at the leading edge of the recoil curve where maximum recoil (acceleration) occurs. The system does not rely on springs for a fast return to normal length (which is especially important in doubles or international trap). No hydraulic mechanism or oil is used in the system.

Light Weight

Adds zero to three ounces maximum, depending on wood density and original recoil pad weight (plus three ounces for optional adjustable buttplate).

Warning: Not for use on rifles. Use only on shotguns. Not for use with any type of telescopic sight or any device mounted on the gun which may bump the face upon firing

Precise Comb Height Adjustment*

G-Squared has developed a system which allows you to accurately raise or lower your comb a precise amount with a single positive adjustment.*

The height adjustment is accomplished by releasing one allen head set screw then raising or lowering the comb with the same allen wrench.

The allen wrench (provided with the installation) is inserted in the top of the comb and each turn raises or lowers the comb 1/32 of an inch (plus or minus .005”).

  • Two turns for 1/16"
  • Four turns for 1/8"
  • Six turns for 3/16"

    Tighten the screw and that's it!

Typical comb height adjustment provided for a trap stock would be 1 7/16 to 1 1/4 drop. Other adjustment heights optional upon request.

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Air CushionTM Recoil Reducer (Patented)

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Air pressure adjustment without disassembly

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Reduces the peak force on the recoil curve by 70% or more always did, always will

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Is a sliding comb system, so the comb will not rub your face when shooting

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Will fully return before you can squeeze off a second shot

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Extra interchangeable combs fitted to your stock – optional

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Conversion from standard (slanting) field or skeet comb to parallel comb usually at no extra cost

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Ability to raise or lower comb with one single, precise adjustment

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Fully adjustable offset available – front & rear of comb – optional

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Padded soft comb for extra comfort – optional

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Adjustable recoil pad - optional

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Adds only 2-3 ounces on most stocks (plus 2-3 ounces for optional adjustable recoil pad). Will report weight change upon request.

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New recoil pad included—curved or flat

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Specialize in, and have a reputation for exactly achieving (and/or retaining) that perfect fit, the first time, every time!

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Match original factory finish over their work, including top coat

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Comes with a 3 year warranty

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Air Pressure Adjustment Through The Recoil Pad Without Stock Disassembly*

If the shooter is inclined to squeeze or collapse the recoil reducer prior to firing, this can be solved by adding air pressure. Adding springs or spring tension is not required.

A small portable hand pump (E-Z HP Pump) is the simplest and handiest method of adjusting the air pressure (see price list). The small 12 volt compressors sold at most automobile parts stores are also ideal when used with the proper air chuck adapter (available from G-Squared for $10.00).

The air pressure may easily be adjusted by removing a plug in the recoil pad, attaching the valve stem extension (provided) and using an air pump or compressor.

The recoil reducer is designed with the same filler valve as that used on the tires on your automobile so that you may use your own pump or compressor or adjust it where you pump up the tires on your automobile.

Interchangeable Combs

The comb design* allows comb replacement or interchangeability if different comb configurations are desired, such as an original comb and a soft comb. Each comb is manufactured from walnut and covered with vinyl for a more comfortable feel on the cheek. We can provide new interchangeable combs fitted to your stock for $135.00 each (add $130.00 for a soft comb or $130.00 for a new comb finished as near as possible to your original stock). The comb can be removed by loosening the set screw at the back of the comb, and turning the adjustment screw until the comb lifts off the buttstock. In many cases original combs may be used upon request (see price list; not always possible where certain dimensional changes are requested by the customer.) We may also be able to finish your Shockmaster comb to match your stock at additional cost.

All combs provided and installed by G-Squared will interchange with other combs fitted by G-Squared to the original stock.

Custom Stock Fit

Optional features allow the shooter to virtually custom fit his or her stock. The fully ADJUSTABLE OFFSET at the front and rear of the comb is now available in all Shockmaster installations.

An ADJUSTABLE BUTTPLATE which moves up, down, sideways or twists in either direction does not require removal of the recoil pad for adjustment and adds only 3 oz. to the weight of the buttstock.

Only one tool (a 1/8” hex or allen wrench) is required for all Shockmaster stock fit adjustments and is provided with the installation.

A PADDED SOFT COMB is also available on all installations for the ultimate comfort at the cheek.

Installed In Your Stock Or In A Blank Stock Of Your Choice

We install only the patented light weight air cushion recoil reducer in the Shockmaster - no substitutes.