Frequently Asked Questions


Can the Shockmaster recoil reduction system be installed on any shotgun?

Some buttstocks simply do not have enough wood above the stockbolt hole for us to install the mechanical components in our system. Examples are a) some Benelli Semi-Auto's b) Remington 870 Field stocks c) Remington 1100, 11-87 & 11-97 d) Browning Gold, unless certain custom stocks are used.

While each of the above guns has been done on rare occasions, they may require measures that make it unpalatable (such as a custom stock, longer length of pull, or higher comb).

We also do not do extremely short lengths of pull, and comb drops below 1 3/4" may not be possible on many stocks.

Can the Shockmaster recoil reduction system be installed on composite stocks?

No! Composite stocks are generally hollow and also not constructed of a type of plastic that can be easily drilled or machined. If, however, you would like to replace your composite stock with a wood stock, we will measure your composite stock and can usually duplicate these dimensions on your new wood stock.


Your price states "most shotguns" what stocks cost more?

Some buttstocks require a significant amount of extra work in order to install the Shockmaster. An example is the late model Beretta over and unders with the flat rib. It is particuarly diffcult if the customer requires a low comb (1 5/8" drop or more) or a short length of pull, or both. Here again, the problem is a high stock bolt hole. We have to completely fill the hole with walnut dowel and machine a new access in the stock to the stockbolt. We charge $100.00 for this. All semi-autos are $50.00 extra.

Another example which requires additional labor and costs are those stocks which have an oblong hole in the rear of the stock. In this case we must shape and install walnut in the oblong hole to anchor our mounting plate and hardware. We charge $50.00 for doing this. (The older BT 99 is an example of this.)

We provide a bevel on the cheek side of all stocks with adjustable offset. This bevel is a part of the adjustable offset option and the cost is included in the option price. However, if the customer wishes a bevel without the adjustable offset option we must still sand and finish the bevel, match the color on the side of the stock and apply numerous coats of finish. We charge $50.00 for this labor.

Can you install the Shockmaster on buttstocks which already have an adjustable comb?

Yes, in most cases. About one third of the stocks we do already have an adjustable comb. Rarely, however, the existing comb is so low we cannot clean up the cut and have room for our hardware. We remove the existing hardware, fill the holes with walnut dowel and start from scratch. We charge $50 for this on most stocks. Your comb hardware is not damaged in most cases and will be returned to you unless otherwise directed.


If I already have a reducer in the stock such as Edwards, Bear Trap, Dead Mule, mercury, etc., can you install the Shockmaster?

Yes, providing the reducer isn't glued, epoxied, or ortherwise permanently installed into the stock. We fill the hole with walnut dowel and proceed with a standard installation. However, we sometimes have to drill and tap a hole in the old reducer to get it out. This may ruin it. You can sometimes save some shipping costs by taking this out yourself. There is no extra charge.

Can the Shockmaster be installed in the Browning BT 99 and Citori Plus shotguns?

Yes. We charge $50.00 extra for this to cover extra labor required to fill the original holes and the cutout in the rear of the stock.


What is the shortest length of pull available?

Typically 13 1/2" to 13 3/4", but this depends on the gun, and we have done shorter. It is, however, very important to make sure you have a minimum of 3/4 inch between your nose and thumb to preclude bumping you nose when the system collapses.

I have large hands, will this bump or pinch my hand when it collapses?

We curve our comb cut up at the front to preclude this problem. If, however, you have a "large" hand please tell us and we'll explain how to place a mark on the stock which allows us to custom fit it to your hand.


Will this return fast enough to be useful in shooting doubles?

Definitely YES! The Shockmaster system was used world wide for Olympic Doubles Trap which requires the fastest 2nd shot of any shotgun sport. Kim Rhode, the two time Olympic Gold Medal Winner (Trap Doubles, 1996 and 2004) and Bronze Medal Winner (2000) used the Shockmaster exclusively.

Will I have to put air in this regularly to keep it pumped up?

No. We recommend putting air in it 1 to 2 times per year as you would the tires on your car in order to maintain the same "feel". Many customers, however, have reported going from one to three years without putting air in it with no problems.


I want to replace my stock before having the Shockmaster system installed, but can't find one that fits like my old stock. Can you help me?

Yes. If you'll send the gun along with both stocks we'll measure your old stock and provide the same dimensions on your new stock. You will, however, want to have a professional check the fit of your new stock to your receiver first. We do not do this. Another way we may be of help is if the gun you want the Shockmaster on does not fit well, but you have another gun that does. You can send us the gun that fits well for a 24 hour turnaround and we'll measure and record its dimensions and return it to you. We can then duplicate these dimensions on your new stock.

How long does this take to install?

Typically 3 to 4 days once we start on it. When you're ready please call or e-mail us and we'll give you a starting date on our calendar. You may send it so it reaches us any time on or before that date.


When having the Shockmaster system installed do I send the whole gun, the stock and receiver, or just the stock?

If you want the stock dimensions kept exactly as is, we'll simply need the stock, with the stockbolt in it please, and the recoil pad on it. (We will always return your old recoil pad.) This also applies when you specify finite dimensional changes, such as 1/8" higher or lower, or 1/2" longer or shorter. If , however, you specify exactly the comb drop and length of pull as in "1 1/2" drop and 14 1/2" length of pull" we'll need the entire gun. We also need the entire gun when changing to a parallel comb or taking dimensions off of your old stock and converting a new stock to those dimensions.

Will I have to return the air cylinder to you periodically to be rebuilt?

No! We've been installing the Shockmaster Recoil Reduction System in shotguns since 1989. Relatively few of the air units we've installed have needed rebuilding. Our current model of air unit has been installed in all Shockmasters since 1990. Olympic Gold Medalist Kim Rhode had her air unit rebuilt for the first time after approximately 1.5 million rounds. This incidentally costs $45.00 without a piston replacement, $75.00 with a piston replacement and we try very hard to turn around cylinder rebuilds in one working day. Also, we've never had to replace a cylinder on our current model of air unit.


Does this carry a warranty?

Yes, we guarantee the installation for 3 years from the date of purchase to be free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damages due to misuse or abuse and warranty service is solely at our discretion.